How Your Dentist Can Detect Bulimia

The condition of your mouth can be a helpful indicator of what is going on with your overall health and physical wellbeing. In fact, there are certain symptoms within the teeth and gums that can point to an eating disorder called bulimia. Bulimia involves self-induced vomiting after binging on food. While most bulimic patients do […]

Keeping Your Veneers White

Porcelain veneers are considered one of the most innovative solutions in cosmetic dentistry. The procedure involves bonding wafer thin shells of porcelain on the front surfaces of your teeth. Smile flaws such as discoloration, chips, gaps and misalignment are instantly and permanently hidden. One of the most valued advantages of porcelain veneers, however, is their […]

Could Your Routine Dental Visits Help Prevent Pneumonia?

Preventive dental care involves routine dental checkups and cleanings from you dentist every six months. These visits are more important than you may think. Not only do professional dental cleanings help keep your teeth and gums healthy, they also keep your body healthy too. In fact, numerous studies have linked your oral health to your […]

FAQs on Teeth Grinding

Some do it while they sleep. Others do it when they’re stressed. And the majority do it involuntarily. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common oral habit that can wreak havoc on your smile and your overall well-being. It can involve grinding, gritting or clenching your teeth for an extended period of time. Regardless of […]

How a Dentist Can Treat Your Wrinkles

Botox continues to be a leading solution for patients that want to turn back the hands of time without undergoing facial plastic surgery. But did you know that you can get Botox from your dentist? Botox is a facial injection treatment that works by relaxing the muscles that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. More […]

Reasons to Avoid the ER During a Dental Emergency

It is estimated that over 800,000 Americans will end up in the ER for a dental emergency this year. In past decades, most dentists limited their hours to 8am to 5pm on weekdays – which forced many people to visit a hospital or urgent care center during unexpected dental emergencies. However, today’s modern dentist offers […]

The Valued Versatility of Composite Resin

One of the simplest and most effective ways to restore a damaged or unsightly tooth involves composite resin. In recent years, composite resin has quickly taken over as the most preferred choice in dental fillings and dental bonding. It is a tooth-colored material that provides optimal durability while also improving aesthetics. For this reason, composite […]

Could a Same Day Dental Crown Benefit You?

A dental crown is the most proven solution for restoring a tooth that has extensive decay or damage. These are times when a dental filling is not enough to repair the tooth. A crown serves as a protective cap for the tooth, covering all visible surfaces of the affected tooth with materials that look, feel […]


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