Botox Treatment

Botox® injections have been used to reverse the appearance of wrinkles. For the past 15+ years, those who have wanted Botox® enhancements had to make an appointment at a plastic surgeon’s office. However, Mundo Dentistry is proud to be able to offer this advanced cosmetic procedure to our dental patients. Not only does this allow them the convenience of being able to take care of their smiles and the effects of aging in one appointment, but it also allows patients to truly take advantage of maintaining and enhancing complete facial esthetics.

Many patients suffer from TMD or jaw pain, bruxism or teeth grinding, and dental-related migraine headaches that often originate from facial muscles. Botox offers a less invasive treatment for these conditions by relaxing the hyperactive muscles causing these conditions.

Crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and worry lines are all treatable with Botox®. These areas receive an injection with a tiny needle that leads to a more youthful appearance in the skin. Botox® is used to treat expression lines, not sagging skin, and is generally more effective for patients under the age of 65.

Many people suffer from what is known as a “gummy smile.” When they smile and laugh, there is a large amount of gum tissue showing, which actually detracts from the beauty of a smile. Botox can relax the muscles that raise the upper lip thus decreasing the amount of gum seen when smiling. This is a natural and much less invasive treatment than periodontal surgery and restorative dental restorations.

Mundo Dentistry is the perfect practice to turn to for Botox® treatments. We take pride in helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles, and this beauty includes more than just your teeth. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Botox Treatment?

Botox cosmetic treatment is a virtually painless procedure that leaves patients with remarkable results. For those who want the benefits of plastic surgery without going “under the knife,” Botox® is a fantastic solution. Meant to relax the areas where wrinkles have settled in, Botox® can enhance your smile by restoring youthfulness to your face.

One of the greatest benefits of Botox® injections is that with long term use of the injections, longer duration of benefits is typically experienced. That means that the longer you choose to have injections done, the longer time span you will enjoy being wrinkle or pain-free. Botox® effects are never considered permanent, but with prolonged use, the effects can make you feel permanently radiant. Your face is what people remember you by.

What to Expect

The foundation to a great smile and complete facial esthetics are healthy teeth and gums, therefore, your doctor will need to do a complete dental exam to evaluate how Botox treatment can enhance a healthy and beautiful smile along with discussing your overall treatment goals and answering any questions you may have.

If you and your doctor decide Botox is right for you, a typical Botox treatment takes about 30 minutes, starting with a few photographs if these weren’t taken at the complete dental exam appointment followed with your doctor mapping out the best area for your Botox injections. These are given with a tiny syringe after application of topical anesthesia with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort during the procedure and slight bruising lasting only a few days. The full esthetic effects are typically seen about 1-2 weeks after treatment and last 4-6 months depending on the case. Often times with successive Botox treatments, less injections will be needed in the future and “touch up” treatments can be scheduled with your regular dental checkup and cleaning.

If you would like to brighten your appearance with Botox® cosmetic treatment, please contact Mundo Dentistry in Fort Mill, South Carolina today. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to brighten, whiten, repair, and restore your smile.


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