Dental Implant Restorations

Choosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth can be a life changing decision. Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement, giving patients the profound advantage of prosthetic teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. At Mundo Dentistry, we offer complete implant dentistry, which means Dr. Kingsbury can place your implants as well as provide the custom implant restoration to finalize your new smile. Fort Mill patients can trust Dr. Kingsbury for his specialized training in dental implants and his compassionate care when it comes to restoring smiles.

Dental implants include a titanium post that is surgically placed and secured into the jawbone. This acts as your artificial tooth root, which means premium security and comfort as well as a reduced risk for bone loss and premature facial aging. Each dental implant is topped with a dental implant restoration, such as a crown, bridge or denture. At Mundo Dentistry, we have the unique ability to provide high quality custom restorations in a single office visit. Our CEREC digital cadcam technology allows Dr. Kingsbury to create beautiful and natural looking dental restorations with the highest level of accuracy. Our same day dental implants help patients take advantage of the most advanced procedure in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, with minimal disruption to their schedule.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants carry an exceptional success rate. However, they are not invincible. If you have concerns with the way your dental implants feel, look or function, we are happy to help. As a skilled implants dentist, Dr. Kingsbury can handle all types of implant repairs so that you can enjoy your tooth replacement investment to the fullest. Whether your dental implants are failing due to surrounding bone loss or occlusal trauma (grinding or clenching), you can trust us to provide an effective and long-term solution. After all, your dental implants are designed to last a lifetime!

If you are interested in a permanent smile replacement, we hope you consider our top quality dental implant restorations at Mundo Dentistry. Contact us today to learn more about our same day implants or to schedule an implant repair. Our Fort Mill practice can change the way you view dental care. We provide cutting-edge dental technology in a warm, patient-centered office environment. When it comes to your dental implant restoration, we look forward to crafting a solution that provides confident function and natural beauty for many years to come.


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