Do I Really Have To Get That Root Canal?

Fort Mill SC Restorative Dental TreatmentHas your dentist told you that you need a root canal? We realize this is not what you wanted to hear. The term root canal creates panic and dread in a large majority of the population. Unfortunately, this means that most patients are highly misinformed. Root canals, though a bit lengthier than your average treatment, are no more painful that getting a dental filling. With today’s advanced technique, sedation dentistry and modern anesthetics, you’ll barely feel a thing during root canal therapy.

The most important facts to understand, however, pertain to why you need the root canal in the first place. A root canal is recommended when decay or infection has penetrated the inner portion of the tooth, which means that the outer enamel layer has weakened and allowed bacteria to enter the soft tissues of your tooth pulp. This pulp center is where your tooth nerves reside. Now you may understand why your infected tooth is causing such extreme pain and sensitivity. At this point, your tooth cannot be successfully restored with a dental filling. However, if it still has enough healthy existing tooth structure, it doesn’t have to be extracted. A root canal procedure removes the damaged tooth pulp, cleans the inner chamber and seals the tooth off for future protection. Put simply, a root canal saves your natural tooth – enough to last a lifetime.

While we’ve given you solids reasons NOT to avoid a root canal, many patients are still tempted. However, you should know that if you put off a root canal therapy or neglect the procedure altogether, you’re at risk for the following:

Worsening Pain– root canals are the only way to alleviate the excruciating pain of an infected tooth.

Spreading Infection – not only are your neighboring teeth in danger, but a dental infection can also enter your bloodstream and affect your overall health.

Tooth Loss – whether the tooth falls out on its own or a tooth extraction is warranted, you’ll eventually need to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or implant.

Ready to schedule that root canal? Call Mundo Dentistry today. We promise to provide a comfortable and highly rewarding experience.

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