When it comes to replacing missing teeth, Mundo Dentistry offers the most preferred options in dentures. We understand the importance of providing replacement teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Our expansive menu of denture choices allows patients to choose a new smile that fits both their personal preferences and family budget. Choosing to replace missing teeth is essential to your smile aesthetics and overall dental health. Missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to shift out of position, which can disrupt your bite alignment and compromise your smile health.

At Mundo Dentistry, we are passionate about helping patients regain a confident and beautiful smile with our dental care services after missing teeth. We adopt the latest technology in modern dentistry to ensure your restorative and cosmetic procedures are carried out with high efficiency and improved comfort. Whether you are restoring a smile you once had or creating the smile you’ve always wanted, you will be treated with superior, patient-centered care throughout your entire denture process.

Comfortable and Affordable Denture Options

We offer full and partial cosmetic dentures to replace multiple missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. Unlike past denture models that were ill-fitting or required frequent adjustments, we offer dentures that are comfortable to wear and give patients the confidence they need when eating and speaking. Our advanced technology guarantees the highest level of accuracy when fitting your dentures. Beyond comfort, you can also trust Dr. Kingsbury to provide dentures that replicate your natural smile in color, shape and form.

Our practice provides implants dentistry for patients who want to achieve the best fit and feel in their dentures. Using dental implants, your full or partial dentures can be securely anchored to your jawbone. This can provide significant advantages, not only in the comfort of your new teeth but also in the prevention of bone loss. Since the dental implant acts as an artificial tooth root, the jaw bone is properly stimulated and the risk for bone loss is reduced. Regardless of which denture option you choose, you can trust that your new smile will be meticulously crafted to meet your aesthetic goals and lifestyle needs for years to come.

At Mundo Dentistry, we realize that replacing multiple teeth is an important investment. When it comes to your new smile, we can help you finance your dentures so that your experience is as hassle-free as possible. We will also take the time to explain the entire denture process in detail and make sure you are comfortable with each phase of treatment. At our Fort Mill family dental practice, completing your smile is easy and rewarding.

To learn more about our affordable denture options at Mundo Dentistry, please contact us today.


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