Tooth Extraction

At Mundo Dentistry, we do everything we can to protect and save your natural teeth. However, in cases where a tooth extraction is necessary, you can trust Dr. Kingsbury for gentle expertise and compassionate care every time. Our family dental practice serves patients of all ages with a full menu of general, restorative and cosmetic dental services. You will find that we go to great lengths to make your procedure as comfortable, efficient and rewarding as possible. To help us accomplish this, our practice is equipped with the latest technology in dentistry and a staff of friendly and highly qualified professionals.

To restore your smile after a tooth extraction, our Fort Mill dental office offers same day tooth replacement, which includes high quality crowns and dental implants for missing teeth. You can trust that when it comes to the appearance, health and long-term function of your smile, Dr. Kingsbury knows best.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction does not have to be an intimidating or painful experience. Beyond our trained technique, we also offer sedation dentistry to ensure your discomfort is minimized. You can trust Dr. Kingsbury to use extraction methods that focus on preserving surrounding bone and tissue. If an extraction is recommended, it is for the benefit of your overall dental health and to prevent more serious and costly problems. Here are some common reasons that a tooth extraction is necessary:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Infection
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Fractured teeth or damaged roots
  • Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth)

Regardless of why you need a tooth extraction, you’ll be met with patient-centered care throughout your visit. Your procedure will be concluded with a thorough explanation of your post-operative instructions, including steps to take to accelerate your healing. As with all of our dental services, we work hard to give you the highest standard of care at the most affordable rate. We accept dental insurance and offer payment plans for those that are non-insured. At Mundo Family Dentistry, we consider it a privilege to treat your smile, as well as the person behind that smile.

Contact our office today to schedule your tooth extraction in Fort Mill. A unique and rewarding experience awaits.


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