Isodry: Your Comfort Technology

isodryModern dental technology has addressed many of the concerns that patients have while in the dental chair, especially those that make them uncomfortable. For many, the strain of holding their jaw open, finding a resting place for their tongue and drooling during dental procedures are a significant source of dread. The Isodry Dental Isolation System is an innovative device that provides ultimate comfort for patients.

In the past, patients either had to hold their mouth open during a dental procedure or a rubber dam was used as a prop. Today, the Isodry technology has revolutionized these methods to provide more comfortable, safer and more efficient experience. Isodry is a chairside device that props your mouth open while providing suctioning and controlling oral humidity. The benefits of Isodry are for dentist and patient alike:

More Comfortable: The Isodry allows patients to have a strain-free and drool-free experience while in the dental chair. This technology has dramatically reduced neck and jaw strain and allows patients to relax during lengthier treatments.

Faster Treatments: For the dentist, the Isodry effectively retracts the tongue and removes excess salvia and debris, which allows total control over the oral environment and better visibility during procedures. In result, treatments are more efficient and patient chair time is reduced.

Safer Procedures: Isodry protects the patient from contamination and foreign body aspiration and shields the tongue and cheek from injury from dental instruments.

At Mundo Dentistry, we readily embrace the latest dental technologies, especially when it means we can provide a more comfortable experience for our patients. Modern dentistry has truly redefined the way patients receive care. If you have avoided the dentist in the past because you dread the strain, discomfort or lengthy procedures, we invite you to visit Mundo Dentistry.

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