Single Visit Crowns with CEREC

Fort Mill SC Cosmetic DentistConsidered a breakthrough innovation in cosmetic dentistry, CEREC technology allows dentists to build a custom-fit crown in ONE single visit. Gone are the days of returning to the dentist to see if your crown fits, and no unsightly temporary crowns to wear. In one appointment, you can leave the office with your newly designed crown. CEREC same day dental crowns give dentists the ability to perform top quality restorations while considering the time and convenience of the patient’s schedule.

The precision, safety, and effectiveness of CEREC technology improves the planning and design of restoration using advance computerized images and software. Your dentist will begin your procedure by preparing your tooth. Once decay has been removed and the opening of the tooth has been widened, a CEREC camera is used to formulate 3-D images that will transfer to a computer. Specialized CEREC software allows the dentists to view every angle of the tooth, as he customizes the new restoration. The final design is sent to the milling machine, while the dentist chooses a ceramic color to best match your natural teeth. Strength and durability are enhanced, as these crowns are made of compressed porcelain, as opposed to layered. In a very short time (20 minutes), your crown can be complete.

For the most part, CEREC technology can benefit almost anyone needing a ceramic restoration. Patients with anxiety about visiting the dentist find CEREC single visit dentistry appealing. Yet, here are a few added benefits of CEREC technology:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Less injections and discomfort
  • Cost effectiveness
  • More natural tooth can be preserved
  • Long lasting

CEREC same day crowns are beautiful restorations that look and feel natural. It’s easy to see why dentists and patients alike appreciate the benefits of CEREC.

Mundo Dentistry proudly uses CEREC technology to restore smiles, while keeping your schedule. With CEREC single visit crowns, you can have a strong, customized crown that preserves your natural tooth structure, in one appointment.

Do you have questions about single visit crowns, or other restorations using CEREC? Call us today. At your exam, we’ll include a complimentary digital smile preview so that you can see your final result before treatment. In very little time, your smile can return to its natural brilliance.

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