The Benefits of Ultrasonic Scaling

MUNDO OfficeThere are countless ways that technology advancements have changed the face of dentistry. While you may think that cutting-edge dental technology is reserved for restorative or cosmetic procedures, it has actually infiltrated services in general dentistry as well. Ultrasonic scaling is a prime example of how technology can improve the way we clean your teeth!

Ultrasonic scaling is typically reserved for a deep cleaning (or scaling and root planing procedure). This is done to treat early gum disease and eliminate harmful bacteria below the gum line and encourage the gums to reattach to the teeth. In the past, the “scaling” portion of the procedure was done with metal handheld instruments. However, scaling methods have changed to benefit the patient in many ways.

An ultrasonic scaler is a special tool that emits ultrasonic vibrations along your gum line and across your tooth surface. This essentially blasts away stubborn plaque and tartar that cannot be removed from brushing alone. With the use of this innovative ultrasonic device, sound waves can break apart calculus as water flows from the tip to rinse away the debris.

Choosing a dentist who offers ultrasonic cleaning offers the following notable benefits:

  • More Comfortable: No metal scraping involved or other abrasive sounds and sensations
  • More Efficient: Requires less time than past scaling methods
  • More Effective: Proven to be safe and highly effective for cleaning plaque underneath the gum line, which can prevent and treat gum disease as well as remove stubborn tooth stains.

At Mundo Dentistry, we proudly adopt the latest dental technology across our full menu of dental services. When it comes to providing a deep cleaning for patients and helping them reverse the effects of gum disease, we believe ultrasonic scaling is superior in terms of patient experience and results. To learn more about how ultrasonic scaling works, please give us call.

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